School is upon us once again. For the kids, this means another year which comes with a lot of changes and firsts. From new teachers to growing up and getting older, every year is a new milestone to be proud of for school age children. For these reasons and more it is so important to make sure you capture what's special about this year. Here are 3 tips to make sure you don't miss a thing...

1. Another year another milestone.

          When I think back on my childhood, it seems like everything blurs together. Things that I didn't think I would ever forget are hard to remember and it's difficult to separate what happened one year from the next. Taking photos at the beginning of each school year lets you see how your child has grown and changed over the years. Along with other photos from this school year, it will also help him or her to never forget the memories made this year.

2. Back to school and the beginning of the year.       

At the beginning of the school year, there are many events that happen that you don't want to let pass without capturing. Back to school shopping for school supplies and new clothes, your child meeting their teacher for the first time, and posing with friends both new and old are all important moments in time that you will want to capture.

3. What's new, unique, and special this year.        

Each year brings many firsts as a child grows and matures. Whether they start a new sport, a new hobby, change their style, or develop new likes and interests, make sure you don't overlook anything but instead document what's important to them this year. It's also a good idea to put all the photos from this year in a book so that they're both displayed and preserved.

I hope this article gave you some good ideas on how to document your child's years in school. Remember, even if it just seems like another start to the school year, before you know it the years will pass and this year could easily blend in with the others. Make sure this doesn't happen by capturing each special moment with photos.What types of photos do you like to take of your child to document their lives as they grow up? Let me know in the comments below.   All the best.

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